For over 30 years, Abra Iride has been synonymous with performance, quality and reliability.

The rainbow (iride) colours distinguish our products, but it is really their performance which makes them unique.

abra iride
abra iride

Family business,
Italian made

Abra Iride was established in 1988, thanks to the founders’ experience in chemistry and mechanical assemblies. At that time, the abrasives market was characterized by uneven performance, caused by the inconsistency of the utilized raw materials and the consequent difficulty in controlling the process parameters.

By employing fully synthetic polymers and by concentrating the abrasive material in pre-aggregated spheres, Abra Iride established the benchmark with respect to performance consistency. This breakthrough innovation was also the first company patent. In the following years, the grain sequence was expanded. Following the company’s name (abrasives with rainbow colors), each grain size was, and still is, characterized by a different color. In just a few years, Abra Iride became the leader in marble polishing tools.

In the early 2000s, the company expanded its product portfolio towards hard natural stones, like granites and basalts. The silica carbide was substituted with industrial diamond, building the necessary experience in the company for the new line of products, being launched at the beginning of 2010s: the Quasar quartz series. Once more, this innovative product line turned to be a watershed for engineered stone processing.

In 2020 Abra Iride patented Yalos, the newest line of tools for natural and composite stone polishing.
Nowadays, with 100% shares under a single-family control, and with the second generation already fully dedicated, Abra Iride and its partners can look ahead with confidence and ambition.


We enjoy experimenting

Every day in Abra Iride we observe, draw, formulate and build something new. We like sharing that with you.

Our customers know it: give us a challenge, and we will find out a solution. Starting back in 1988, we patented Protos, the innovative abrasive with Spheres. Since then, we continued innovating and expanding our product portfolio, providing a dedicated line for granite processing. In the 2010s we entered the engineered stone market, setting a new benchmark in terms of quality and productivity. In 2020, we patented Yalos, the latest breakthrough solution for natural and composite stone polishing.
What's next? Stay tuned!

quality marble

Performing at the top, constantly

We are dedicated to deploy the best tools on the market, by having control in every single aspect of them: from the procurement of raw materials, to the process parameters and the shipping. Our technicians will be at your side during the installation phase and will support you day by day and through periodic on-site visits.

We have been ISO 9001 (nowadays ISO 9001:2015) certified since 1999. All our products are manufactured in Italy.


Our most important asset? Our people and the community we live in.

We are dedicated to providing a healthy and safe work environment, that goes beyond what is written on our labor contract. We promote work-life balance with benefits and welfare schemes.

Abra Iride believes people's wellness depends also on the community where we live. For this reason, we constantly support events and fundraising campaigns for social causes.

We care about the environment: our production sites are top-covered with solar panels, to increase the renewable energy shares and to make us energetically independent. Every year we update our ambitious target with respect to energy consumption and waste production.

We believe in sport

Since its birth, Abra Iride has been committed in youth sport promotion. In 1990, the “Godigese Abra Iride” cycling team was born to promote cycling among children. The company’s promotion of sport among kids continues today and in all the years to come thanks to the company U.C. Giorgione, as well.