The Abra Iride fab-shops polishing series; specifically designed for natural stone processing, it ensures high productivity while keeping costs under control.

Chamfer: the complete sequence for chamfer processing. The tools are manufactured with prime raw materials and proprietary technologies: available in 100, 130 and 150mm diameter with specific formulation to adapt to every stone and every machine.

Bullnose: with a 25mm inner hole these tools are specifically designed for the high-performance processing of marble and granite bullnose.

Flat edge: for the flat edge processing, Abra Iride offers both a silicon carbide series and a full diamond resin bond Quasar series. Our technicians will guide you through the choice of the proper tools according to your processing requirements.



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Every day, we help our customers worldwide achieve the best results in natural and engineered stone polishing, developing cutting-edge solutions for every request and challenge.

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